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KB10021: Could not load type 'AxCMS.AxCMSweb.Global'

There may occur this error if wrong version .NET framework is installed or AxCMSweb.dll is not in bin directory


Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:v1.1.4322;

If that's at the very end of your ASP.NET exception, please go in IIS and switch your websites properties ASPNET tab to Framework 2.0.


  • The most often reason of this exception is a wrong version of .NET Framework

  • Maybe you need to recompile your project also

  •  The other reason could be, that AxCMSweb.dll is not in bin directory of your web project.


1)     Every IIS-virtual site is configured to use some particular version of .NET Framework. Version 5.5.0 and above uses .NET Framework 2.0, version 5.2.x and below use .NET Framework 1.1.

If you already get this exception, look at the last line of it. You see the .NET Framework version, producing the error. If it is 1.1.x, but you are using 5.5.0 or above, you have to switch it to 2.0.

To configure the .NET Framework version go to IIS, click Properties for the website and in tab ASP.NET check the version there. Do that for all virtual directories as well.

2)     Recompile your project in Visual Studio

3)     Move the AxCMSweb.dll into bin directory of your project


Read here more about configuring IIS:

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