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KB10023: Error 403 Forbidden

There is a exeption thrown while trying to call LS or MS


Error 403 Forbidden is thrown when calling Management or Live system.


403 Forbidden error means that there is no "start page" exist in root directory or not defined in IIS (index.htm, default.aspx). So after the request is failed to start document, sytem tries to excecute "Directory browsing" that fails because no such permission is assigned.

 There might be a problem in

  • IIS configuration regarding the access to virtual directories,
  • IIS configuration regarding default documents,
  • The home page configured in web.config is not accessible.


In IIS check that anonymous access and default documents are allowed and that a default document "default.aspx" exists.

In live system check also, if key "Homepage" in web.config points to an existing and published page.


Read here more about configuring IIS:

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