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KB10059: Translation does not translate some german words

Translation does not translate german words with umlaut character


You are using other than german language preferences in internet browser but not all german words are translated to your language. Moreover german umlaut characters (Ä, Ö, Ü, ß) are shown incorrectly in these words.

For example instead of english word "Back" you see "Zurьck" ("Zurück" is correct german meaning of "Back").


Translation mechanism in AxCMS compares language tables with default language that is german and when coincidence is found then translation occures. Nevertheless when encoding problems take their places then system is unable to translate some german words with incorrect characters. System compares word "Zurьck" with table and unable to find its equivalent as system thinks, that "Zurück" is other word.


Check your server's default language for non-Unicode programs, it should be english or german.

1. Go to Control Panel / Region and Language

2. Administrative / Language for non-Unicode programs

3. Set to english or german