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KB10063: Using with MacOS and Mozilla FireFox

There are difficulties using content editor in 9.x with FireFox 3.x on MacOS X.


You are trying to use Content Editor on MacOS X with Mozilla FireFox.

Clicking Edit shows the text editor, and you can type the text in the beginning of the label, but if you click somewhere else in the text to insert some text to the middle – you are not able to type.


There is an iFrames related bug in Mozilla FireFox on MacOS X reported here:


There is no direct solution to this issue unless Mozilla releases a fix for the bug. We could suggest the following workarounds:

  • Try clicking the Search box in the SilverLight ribbon for example, and then click back to text
  • Avoid using Content Editor with FireFox on MacOS X.
  • Use version 8.5.0 (public) or 8.6.0 (only available for Solution Providers).


APPLIES FOR version 9.0.0 and above.