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Activating Live-Authentication

This article describes how to activate Live-Authentication and how to use it.


The first step is to add the Live-Authentication-Module to your Live-Web.config:

        type="AxCMS.AxCMSweb.AuthenticationModule, AxCMSwebLive"

The next step is to add the following lines to your Live-Web.config:

<authentication mode="Forms">

       <allow users="*" />

The following appSettings can be modified to change the location of the Live-Login-Page and the Access-Denied-Page:

<add key="SitePermission_LoginPage" value="LiveLogin.aspx"/>
<add key="SitePermission_NoAccessPage" value="NoAccess.aspx"/>


There is a Category in under Categories called Geschützt/Protected. Every page assigned to this Category is proteced when it is accessed in the live system.

Every Member which is assigned to this Category is allowed to view this page in the live system after logging in.