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Multisite with

Multisite support used to be in since many years. In version 8.6 it was extended with many useful features, which helps developers easier and faster create complex Enterprise Web applications and editors – to manage them. The most important features in the new version are:

  • Extensible site properties
  • Filtering content by site
  • Cloning pages / Cloning sites
  • Better site separation in management system

Email Marketing with offers everything you need for an email marketing solution:

  • Create the newsletter in using the content editor – like you do for the web pages.
  • Attach mail recipients manually with build-in admin interface or let them subscribe to a newsletter using live system.
  • Personalize the newsletter using macros / subscriber properties. Use the same approval/publishing workflows as for pages.
  • Leverage the power of MailCenter for queueing, sending out, tracking, managing bounces.
  • Control success of your campaigns using Business Intelligence.

Business-Intelligence with supports Business Intelligence allowing you to have a complete overview about what is going on in your web-applications (page view, user actions, search, email campaigns, registrations, etc.). It can be integrated with other enterprise applications in your company to give you a big picture without handing out your business data to third parties. Business Intelligence architecture is flexible and easily extendable on any level. Reporting Template Project enables an easy start into business intelligence world. Start your data mining today and learn many interesting facts about your business. 

Silverlight in

Silverlight is a new Microsoft technology aiming for increasing interactivity of the web applications, increasing the power of the client, at the same time avoiding the typical problems of a thick client. Silverlight enables developers to create rich GUI with animations and video support regardless of the browser using all the familiar features, languages and tools of the .NET framework. supports Silverlight in many ways:

  • You can develop Silverlight modules as a part of your application (and consume the data from or any other sources).
  • You can publish the same content you already have in in a Silverlight channel.
  • To help you mastering this technique Axinom offers a Silverlight Template Project – a Visual Studio solution in source code demonstrating how to create a Silverlight channel and how to skin your dynamic controls to use Silverlight.
  • itself in the version 9.2 uses Silverlight to provide editors with an improved user experience in management system.