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Mail center archive

The mail center archive contains all newsletters and mailings sent by 

To open the mail center archive, go to Admin -> MailCenter archive. The mail center archive overview page opens.

The page contains sections Filter and Chosen messages, as well as Legend on the left for managing the archive, and the section Mailcenter Archive with the list of available archive entries on the right.

Here are the sections in more detail:


This is an extendable search for filtering the archive by several attributes and properties.

Chosen messages

Here are buttons for managing archive items that can be selected by checking the checkboxes:

  • Unsubscribe User - for unsubscribing the recipient(s) of the selected item(s)
  • Block User - for deactivating the user account(s) of the recipient(s) of the selected item(s)
  • Delete Mail - for deleting the selected item(s) from the list


This section explains the meaning of the edit icon.

To edit an entry in the mail center archive, click the Edit icon next to the item in the list on the overview page. The detail page of selected archive entry opens. Here you can view the corresponding data on the archive but you cannot edit or save it.

The detail page contains the following sections:

  • Information
  • Sending
  • Content
  • Tools (with buttons Back and Delete)

If there was an error during the sending process (e.g. sending limits were reached), a new section Error while sending is displayed at the bottom of the detail page. This section contains the error details.


This section contains information on the archived entry. The section contains following details:

  • ID

The unique ID of the sent newsletter.

  • Transaction number

The ID of the archived transaction.

  • Target category

The target category of the recipient and the newsletter. More information about the importance of categories for newsletters can be found here: Newsletters

  • Sender

The email address of the sender.

  • Answer

Reply address added to the newsletter details.

  • Receiver

Email address of the newsletter recipient. 

  • Priority

Priority of the newsletter set before sending. See more about newsletters here: Newsletters

  • Subject

Subject (name) of the newsletter.


This section contains information on the sending process. It contains the following details:

  • Instance

Name of the instance the sending was executed from.

  • Application

Name of the application that executed the sending.

  • Archived

Date and time of the archive creation.

  • Sending attempts

Number of sending attempts for the archived newsletter.

  • Last sending attempt

Date and time of the last sending attempt made before archiving.

  • Sending status

The status of the sending.

  • Sending date

Date and time when sending was executed.


This section contains the content of the sent newsletter in HTML format.