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To create a new navigation point, go to New -> Navigation item OR Edit -> Navigation and click the New node button in the section New on the left side of the page.

Navigation Detail Page opens, where you can enter the needed data for your node. The page itself is divided into five sections. There are also sections Tools and Legend on the left.

Please note that some sections, buttons and functions only become available after saving and after a page has been assigned to the navigation node you are editing. There is also a difference between a common navigational node and a site node. We will explain the details in corresponding areas below.


  • Name

Enter a name for the new navigation point.

  • Description, Addition, Addition 2

These fields are by default without function. They can be filled with additional tags for various specific functions.

  • ID

The unique ID of the node. New node has no ID before it is saved.


Statement Where do you want to insert navigation item ?

Radio buttons:

  • Insert before selection
  • Insert after selection
  • Insert under selection



Select the navigation item in relation to which you want to insert the new item in the navigation tree. Then select whether you want to enter the new item before, after or underneath the selected node.


  • Edit categories... link

Allows you to assign a category to the new navigation item.

  • Assign Standard... link

Allows you to define the page or document that will be opened when this new navigation item is clicked. As long as there is no standard page assigned to a navigation item, this item will not do anything.

  • Lodge pages... link

Allows you to attach a page that doesn't have its own navigation point to the current navigation point. This navigation point will be highlighted when the attached page is opened in the Live System. 

  • Deposit documents... link

Allows you to attach a document that doesn't have its own navigation point to the current navigation point. This navigation point will be highlighted when the attached document is opened in the Live System.


See the rights... link

Category tree

Statement In which position do you wish to insert the new navigation ?

And the tree of available navigations.

Within the navigation tree you can select the point to enter the new item. The colored icons represent the status of the items. The meaning of the colors is explained in the Legend section on the left side. After saving the new navigation point will be visible in the tree.

Assigned elements

This section appears only after an object has been assigned to the navigation you are editing.

Shows all the assigned standard pages, documents, lodged pages and deposited documents as links.

Tools section

  • Save

Saves the navigation node and opens the Category Overview page.

  • Apply

Saves the navigation node and reloads the Category Detail page.

  • Back

Takes you back to the Category Overview page. No changes will be saved.

Changes after saving:

  • New

Opens a new Category Detail page for creating a new navigation node.

  • Dependencies

Allows you to view and edit the dependencies of the navigation node.

  • Clone

Lets you clone the navigation node. You can choose to clone the node with or without its child nodes, and decide if you want to also copy the pages, documents and relations of the node.

  • Question-statement Do you want to delete the navigation item [navigation node name] and its sub-items and associations? with the button Delete.

Deletes the current navigation item.


In this section you can edit the relations of the navigation node you are editing.


This section contains the colored icons that represent the status of the navigation nodes in the system.

  • Green= published
  • Yellow= changed
  • Red= set to deletion (deleted)
  • Blue= never published (unpublished)

Site node

Site node is the main navigation node for a site. When a page is assigned to the site node, it is considered the main page (homepage).

To create a site node, go to New -> Site.