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Objects in Check-in and Check-out



Objects in refer to all content objects used on pages. These can be texts, controls, images, flash movies, etc.

All objects in are presented on the ObjectsOverview page as a list.

To view the list of objects, go to Edit -> Objects. The overview page is opened, it contains three sections:

  • Filter

Advanced search tool with numerous filters such as 'object type' or 'checked out by'.
By default the search shows results for the currently logged in CMS user. Select 'All' to get the complete list of all objects.

  • Tools

With buttons Check in and Delete. You can select objects from the list and check them in or delete them from the page they are located on.
Please note that objects related to physically existing files (such as images, for example) are only deleted from the page, the files themselves are not deleted.

  • Objects

The list of objects.

Tip: You can create a box for checked out objects on your CMS homepage in order to instantly find and edit those checked out objects.

Configure 'Checked out Objects' box for cms start page


To create a box like this, click on New at the left tools section on your homepage.

  • Name the box, select your desired filters and save the box.

Finally, drag the new box from the left tools section to the desired position within your cms homepage.