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By assigning new tasks you can organize and structure the workflow inside

To assign a new task, go to New -> Task OR Edit -> Tasks and press the New button in the New section on the left side of the page.

TaskDetailOverview page opens. The page contains three sections on the right side and the Tools section on the left:

  • Tools
  • Description
  • Categories
  • Attach


The Tools section contains the following buttons:

  • Save

Saves the current task. You are taken to the task overview page.

  • Apply

Saves the current task. You remain on the task detail page.

  • Back

Takes you back to the previous page (task overview page). No changes are saved.

  • New

Opens the task detail page for creating a new task.


  • Description

Description (name) of the task.

  • Notice

Textbox for elaborating the task`s purpose.

  • Information

Checking this checkbox and saving the task makes the aimed user receive an email about the task. The description will be displayed as the subject; the notice will be shown in the body of the email. Additionally, the author of the task is displayed.


  • Edit categories... link

Here you can assign categories to your task.


  • Created by

Name of the task's author (the user who is logged in) is automatically shown here.

  • Created for

You can select a user of as recipient of the task from the dropdown menu.

  • Due on

Here you can define the due date for the task. Clicking on the calendar icon makes a small calendar pop up, there you can select a due date for the new task. This date will also be displayed in the email that the recipient of the task gets.