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Translations in are translations made for the localization of both the itself and the template projects. The default language (used in code) of is called Ax-Language, it contains both German and English parts. Ax-Language cannot be changed and is translated to the language of choice.

By default, offers English and German translations for the Ax-Language. Users are able to make their own translations of any language manually on the LanguageOverview page. 

To access the LanguageOverview page, go to Edit -> Translations.

The page contains seven sections:

  • Filter

Extended search tool with numerous filters.

  • Publish

You can publish the translation changes for a whole template project. Available projects can be selected from the dropdown.

  • Refresh

Refresh the translation data on the page.

  • Add new language

A new language can be added with this function. You can select project, language, country or copy content from an existing language.

  • Settings

You can choose to edit all languages here.

  • Legend

The meaning of the tool icon (Edit) is explained here.

  • Edit Translations

The list of available translations.