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Hello World sample - Editor version

Before we delve into development issues, let's describe Hello World sample from the Editor point of view.

A typical Hello World program would print "Hello World" on a display device. In our example we will create a new page, add the text "Hello World!" to it and publish this page.

Start by downloading 9.0 with Standard Template, which is available for free on the website. Install it locally as described in the Installation Guide.

Now login into the Management System (http://localhost/AxCMSweb_Sample). You will see the welcome page. Welcome Page

Click New > Page. In the Description field, type "HelloWorld" (the name of the new page). There are plenty of other page properties, which you can leave intact for now. Just click Save.

Adding a New Page

You will see a list of all pages that exist on your website. Your new "HelloWorld" page is on top of the list and is highlighted bold. Click on the page name to open it in Preview mode. Everything you see on the page so far comes from the page template (you will learn more about page templates later). To add text to the page, switch to Edit mode by clicking the Edit tab at the bottom of the page.


You will see two placeholders - one in the middle of the page (content area) and one on the right. Each placeholder has icons for adding an image, text, a flash movie, and a structure element. We will add some text in the content placeholder. Click on the "T" icon and enter the text "Hello World!". On the page, the text will be shown in the exact same place where you insert it. The WYSIWYG toolbar provides many formatting possibilities. For example, let's make the text bold.

Text Editor

To finish editing just click anywhere outside the text area. Switch to Preview mode to view how the page will appear in the Live System (if the preview appears empty, it is just showing you a cached version; click your browser's Refresh button).

Now it's time to publish the page. Just click the Publish button in the toolbar. If everything works correctly, a publishing popup appers briefly and disappears again.

To view your page in the Live System, click Link to Live System in the toolbar. It opens another window (or tab) and shows you the URL http://localhost/AxCMSwebLive_Sample/HelloWorld.Sample.

Hello World Page in the Live System

Congratulations, you're done!