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Importing categories


Import categories via XML file

Since ver 8.2.0 it is possible to import categories into CMS. In order to do that, please click on „Import categories“ button.

At the category import page you have to select the categories XML file from the documents (you can also upload it before selecting) and use it for category import.


The following format is needed for category import:

<Category name="ROOT" categoryId="0">
  <Category name="Navigation" categoryId="6">
    <Category name="">
        <Category direction="Both" path="Kategorien/Sample" />
      <Category name="Top">
        <Category name="Home" />
        <Category name="Navi1" />
        <Category name="Navi2" />
  <Category name="Kategorien" categoryId="1">
    <Category name="Sample" />

Please note:

  • You need only one categories XML import file over all the three navigation trees (Navigation, Categories and System).
  • When composing the categories XML import file, you must create a root node for the XML file with categoryId-parameter set to be „0“.
  • You also must specify the categoryId parameter for the navigation tree root nodes (Navigation, Categories and System ).
  • Import of the categories is incremental. That means: it is completely legal to define only that part of a navigation subtree you want to add to the current one. Importer checks during the import process if the category with the name you have specified exists in database. If exists, that category will be changed according to the „Category“ XML node info. If the category with the name you have specified does not exist, it will be created from scratch.
  • Classifications for categories are added incrementally. That means: if you have defined a classification for a category node at your import XML file, then that classification will be added (provided it is not yet present). If it is already present, it will be deleted and added again (because maybe you wanted to change the direction of your existing classification...). All the other classifications will remain after import procedure.
  • It is possible to specify a categoryId for any node you want in your import XML file. But please note that a new category with name and id you have speficied will be added only when that category was not found from the database (category existence is checked by Name-attribute).