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Installing Express 9.5 Express 9.5 is available and can be installed with Web Platform Installer. 9.5 Express is now available and can be installed with WPI (Microsoft Web Platform Installer).

This guide explains how to install and configure Express 9.5 with WPI.

  1. Starting Installation
  2. Configuring Installation
  3. Setup Express
  4. Enjoy
  5. Next Steps

Starting Installation

Either go to WAG (Web Application Gallery),, find and click "Install".

Or follow the manual way:

Install WPI if you don't have it yet. You can download WPI from Microsoft Web Platform site.

Now run it (Start / Programs / Microsoft Web Platform Installer). Web Platform Installer opens and starts loading the Web Platform product information.

Loading Product List from WAG

Click "Options" and add feed.

For WPI 2.0:

For WPI 3.0:

Important: For WPI 3.0 additionaly select as a Web Server "IIS" instead of "WebMatrix Web Server"

Click "OK".

Now you see a tab " Express", from where you can select Express.You see a brief description of Express.

Click Install to continue.

Product Details to Express in WPI

You see the list of components to install.

If your PC is missing some of the prerequisites (e.g. SQL Server), these are also shown in the list and should be installed with

Click I Accept to accept the license terms for each of the Microsoft products listed and continue with the installation.

Here is a list of dependencies of Express (all are installed automatically by WPI if not found on your PC):

  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Web Deployment Tool 1.5
  • Logging Tools
  • SQL Server Express
Component List for Express

WPI downloads the installation package:

Download and Installation Progress

Configuring Installation

Now please provide the data for your web site.

You have a choice to install into a virtual directory of an existing web site or to create a new web site (if your OS/IIS supports multiple web sites).

If you select an existing web site, you only need to specify the application name (or leave the default

If you create a new web site, fill out its properties.

Click Continue.

Configuration: entering site information

At the second step please provide the data for your database.

Database server: SQL Server (it can be any version 2005 or 2008, Standard or Express)

You can create a new database or use an existing one. We recommend creating a new database.

If you choose to create a new database, please specify the database administrator account (for example sa) and its password. This account is only used one time to create the database and the database user account.

Database User Name/Password: This is the name of the account which is used by Express to access the database. If you create a new database this account will be created (therefore you are asked to enter the password twice). If you use an existing database, just specify an account which should be used to access it and its password. Specified credentials will be stored in Express configuration files.

Database Password: Here you can select a password for the Database User above. The password has to be 8 characters or longer and contains lower case and upper case letters and numbers.

Server Name: Depending on your SQL Server version and configuration it could be "(local)", "localhost", name of your server, IP address, "./SQL-EXPRESS" or something else.

Database Name: The name of the database that will use. You can specify your own or keep the default (""). Actually uses two databases: one for Management System and one for Live System. The database for the Live System will have a name as you specified with the suffix "_Live".

Click Continue to proceed.


Now WPI creates a new web site / virtual directory and the database and adds tables to the database. This can take a few minutes.

Installation Progress

Setup Express

After WPI is ready with its part, you need to go through the setup procedure of Express. It is implemented as a web application, which runs under "/" (e.g. http://localhost/, depending on the web site / virtual directory you selected).

When you reach the congratulations screen please click "Launch". It opens the setup procedure in your browser. After that you can click Finish in the WPI.

Installation completed – link to Launch

Note: If you closed WPI before clicking "Launch", you can call the setup procedure directly by starting your browser and entering the URL above ("http://localhost/").

Setup procedure performs some more steps to make your Express installation ready to use.

Note: As long as the setup procedure in browser is running, do not start any other installation of simultenously.

It does the following:

  • Fills the database with sample data
  • Acquires a license file for your installation
  • Allows you to create an administrative user
  • Provides the links to the Management System and Live System

During sample data creation you can see the individual steps that are executed. When a step has been completed, you can view its log.

Setup a new Express installation

When this step is completed, click Proceed.

Setup completed

Now you can register on to acquire the (free) license. With this account you will also be able to login to and enjoy the services, e.g. Online Forum. If you already have an account, click Login and enter your credentials.

Registration & license download

Please read the license agreement and accept it. Then website will generate a license file for you, the setup routine will download it and configure it for use by your Express instance. You can read more about licensing in in our Help & Support Center.

Accept the license

Create an administrative user. With this user you can later log in to the Management System to manage content. It will have all administrative privileges. You can change the password afterwards and/or create additional users in the Management System.

Create an administrative CMS user


Now you are really finished!

You can open the Live System to see your new web site on, and you can go to the Management System and start creating your own content.

If you are a developer, you can open the Visual Studio solution we provided and change the templates and any other functionality. has been fully configured for first time usage

This is how the Live System looks like initially:

LS of the new installation

In the Management System you first have to login with the administrative user you created previously.

MS Login screen

After you login, you see the Management System home page. With one click you have access to the most important functions of There and many other functions are available from the top menu.

MS of the new installation

Next Steps

Get Familiar with Functionality

Login to the Management System, try to change / create pages and assets. To see the changes in Live System, publish the changed objects and look them up in the Live System. User Guide explains you further how to use the Management System. You don't need any special knowledge to do it, neither programming nor HTML skills.

Perform Changes in the Site

Open the solution that is delivered with Express in Visual Studio 2008 and make the necessary changes. You can change the page templates here, but also add or customize any other functionality. Developer Guide helps you on your way. You need ASP.NET programming experience to do this (unless you only change HTML-related parts of the templates).

Deploy to Production

If you installed the system on your desktop and not directly on the target server, you need to deploy the system to production server. You have different options here.

  1. Just install the system from WAG again on the production server. Make all the changes in the project / content directly on the server. This approach works if you did not change much (only tested) on your desktop.
  2. Move your existing installation from the desktop to production server. You should use this approach if you have already done a lot of development on your PC. How to deploy is described in the Administrator Guide.
  3. Combine 1 & 2. First install the system on production server using WPI. Then override the databases with the copies from your desktop. If you changed / added Assets, then you also need to copy the content of the folder "/upload" from both Management System and Live System.

Consider Solution Provider Program

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  • Privilege to purchase the Premium Template for and other exclusive products
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If you have any questions regarding we recommend visiting our Help & Support Center. There you will find product documentation, a knowledge base, our online forum and much more.

Our customer care is available via email:

We wish you success with!