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MailCenter Installation


This chapter explains how to setup MailCenterServices that are included in the Newsletter Template Projec. We assume here that you have installed and configured the Newsletter Template Projecas it is written in installation guide.

We provide here only additional steps you need to do to make Newsletter Template to be able to send Newsletters.

Backround Information

From Editor's point of view there is no difference, if he creates a normal page or a newsletter. Newsletter has templates, some properties. Newsletter content can be added exactly the same way as for the pages. When a newsletter is ready, all the content elements must be checked in and a Publisher must publish it. After that the newsletter is available in the Live System and is sent to all subscribers. This way it looks like for an Editor.

But actually there are 3 other components required to take the published newsletter from the Live System and deliver it to Subscribers: MailCenterService, MailCenterWebService and AxCMS.Service:

  • MailCenterWebService and MailCenterService provide sending of large amount of e-mail messages. They offer Web-Service-interface for queueing the messages to be send, goes through the queue and sends the messages. Sent messages are saved in archive. As the MailCenter works with simple MailMessages it is not important for it, which content do those messages have.
    MailCenterService is a service provided by Axinom and is available only for registered accounts (ask us for more details).
  • AxCMS.Service provides a standard task NewsletterQueueTask, which gets from the Live System the newsletter content and the list of subscribers, creates personalized messages for each subscriber and sends them through the MailCenter. Multiple CMS-instances can use their own or one shared instance of AxCMS.Service. AxCMS.Service is delivered as a part of and can be deployed to any server: the server of the Management System, of the Live System or any other intermediate server.

Local Installation to Developer Workstation

We assume that you do not change any default values proposed by Axinom.
This article provides an overview of things to be done. Each step is described in detail in further chapters. If you have problems after installing, please also consult our troubleshoot page ...

The installation process involves these steps:

  • Prerequisites.
  • Files and Directories.
  • Create and Configure Virtual Directories in IIS.
  • MailCenterService Registration
  • Create the MailCenter Databases.


Before you start installing MailCenter please check that the Newsletter Template Project has already been installed

Files and Directories

The folder AxCMS_MailCenterSample contains additionally the following folders:

MailCenterManagement - a Project to manage MailCenter sending tasks, queues etc.
MailCenterService - Background service for managing mail
MailCenterWebService - Web Service that provides access for sending mail

Create and Configure Virtual Directories in IIS

Create following virtual directories in the default web site on your computer:

MailCenterManagement (for MailCenter managing)
MailCenterWebService (for MailCenter web service)

Virtual directories must point to the folders with the same names under the root folder.

Allow running scripts in these directories. Under Directory security turn on Anonymous access for all the virtual directories.

MailCenterService Registration

To install MailCenterService, you need to go to C:\Projects\AxCMS_MailCenterSample\MailCenterService and run register.bat.

Create the MailCenter Database

You must create a database for MailCenter. Run CreateMailCenterDB.bat under C:\Projects\AxCMS_MailCenterSample\Resources_MailCenterSample\Deploy. This file exists there additionally to ordinary CreateDb.bat.

Futher information about configuration can be found here in configuration section.