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Configuration of Reporting Template Project


Configuring SQL connections

Please check the SQL connection strings and passwords in




make sure that any changes you make for Live System/Management System connections inside your MS.web.config and LS.web.config are also reflected in etl.config

   <Connection Name="LS" ConnectionString="Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=AxCMS_Live_ReportingSample;UID=ReportingSample;PWD=AxinomCMS1;"/>
   <Connection Name="MS" ConnectionString="Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=AxCMS_ReportingSample;UID=ReportingSample;PWD=AxinomCMS1;"/>
   <!--<Connection Name="MC" ConnectionString="Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=AxCMS_MailCenter;UID=MailCenter;PWD=AxinomCMS1;"/>-->

  <DataWarehouseConnection ConnectionString="Data Source=(local);Initial Catalog=AxDWH_ReportingSample;Integrated Security=True;" />

  <OlapCubeConnection Server="(local)" Database="Cube_ReportingSample" />
  <!--<OlapCubeConnection Server="(local)" Database="Cube_ReportingSample_MC" />-->

After making changes to configurations, please run


to copy them to appropriate folders.


Deploying Cube

NB! If you are running VISTA, please launch all programs listed in this document with:
Right click/Run as Administrator, this is nessesary for them to work normally.

First step is to create a Data Warehouse database based on ETL configuration. To create it, please run


After the process completes, open your solution and right click on the cube project you want to use and select Deploy from the context menu.
( we will use Cube_ReportingSample for this solution, but the process is the same for Cube_ReportingSample_MC)


After the cube is succesfully deployed, we need to populate it with data from Data Warehouse.

To do this, run the file


Final step is to process the data within cube.

For this, right click Cube_ReportingSample project in your solution and select Process... from the context menu.