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Installation of Reporting Template Project


Reporting Template Project Prerequisites

Reporting Template currently requires Visual Studio 2005/ MS SQL Server 2005 to work.

In addition to standart template projects prerequisites,
Reporting Template Project requires the following services of MS SQL Server installed and started:

Make sure you also include Business Intelligence Development Studio in your SQL Server installation, this is a required component to work with Cube projects in Visual Studio.

Differences to standart template installation

Installation of Reporting Template Project is almost the same as of Sample project.

There are two main differences between Sample and Reporting Template project. The one is that all folders, virtual directories end with _ReportingSample instead of _Sample. The second difference is that the custom extension is set to .AxCMS instead of .Sample.

So, please, follow the Sample project installation guide, keeping in mind those 2 differences.

Configuring HTTP-handlers for DocumentViewAction

To enable to log document views, you need to open virtual directory properties of AxCMSwebLive_ReportingSample in IIS manager, and create mappings for the following extensions


to aspnet_isapi.dll of Framework 2.0.

If you want to add additional document extensions, you should add mappings for them in IIS manager as described before, and additionally add them them to the extension list in
<httpHandlers> section of your LS.Web.config


<add verb="*" path="*.pdf,*.zip,*.xls,*.doc" type="System.Web.StaticFileHandler" />


Project structure

AxDWH_Processor - ETL processor

AxDWHProcessor.exe        - executable file for processor, you can run it with parameters or run it without any parameters:

                    AxDWHProcessor.exe                         - updates the data in cube from data warehouse
                    AxDWHProcessor.exe createdatabase          - creates new data warehouse database
                    AxDWHProcessor.exe createdatabase recreate - deletes old data warehouse databse and creates a new one

etl.config                              - main configuration file for ETL processor containing descriptions of all SQL connection strings for processor and Dimension/ Fact table mappings

CreateDatabase.bat               - runs ETL processor in database creation mode
RunIntegration.bat                 - runs ETL processor in cube update mode

AxDWHProcessor.exe.config    - miscellaneous configurations for ETL processor

AxCMSTemplates_ReportingSample - Templates

Controls          - put here the controls, used by template
CSS                - put your css-files here
Images           - design-images, icons, etc.
RowControls     - custom elements (former: "row controls")
TopMenu         - TopMenu extensions
CmsSite.xml    - describes the structure of your templates
error.htm         - the error page (has to be copied into cms- and/or live-root via
ReportingSampleBaseTemplate.cs  - inherit all your templates from this class
BaseTemplate.aspx                     - sample template. Use it or replace it with your own template
ReportingSampleContext.cs           - your own navigation context
Extras              - Extension for the Management System

ArticleOverview[Detail|Filter].aspx - Sample usage of the Overview/Detail pattern

ExtraServices       - Project for your custom web-services

ReportingSample.BL            - Project for your business logic (everything but the GUI)

Resources_ReportingSample     - Solution resources (will not be compiled)

Reporting        - contains sample reports Excel file
Components    - e.g. 3rd party DLLs used by your application
Configuration   - configuration files for all applications and environments
DB                  - DB-scripts for the DB-structures you develop in your application
DeploySample  - automation scripts, not only for deployment
UnitTests_ReportingSample    - Unit Tests

SolutionAssemblyInfo.cs - here you set the version of the solution