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Integrating Reporting to your solution


Copy Reporting directories

First, copy the cube project you want to use:

Copy C:\Projects\AxCMS_ReportingSample\Cube_ReportingSample directory
(or C:\Projects\AxCMS_ReportingSample\Cube_ReportingSample_MC if you need MailCenter integration)
to C:\Projects\AxCMS_YourProject\

Then, copy the cube processor:

Copy C:\Projects\AxCMS_ReportingSample\AxDWH_Processor directory
to C:\Projects\AxCMS_YourProject\

Then, copy the reporting Excel file and its assets:

Copy C:\Projects\AxCMS_ReportingSample\Resources_ReportingSample\Reporting directory
to C:\Projects\AxCMS_YourProject\Resources_YourProject\

Add Reporting Cube to your solution

In Visual Studio, right click Solution AxCMS_YourProject, select Add/Existing Project, browse to the directory of the Cube project you just copied and add it to Visual Studio.

Configure etl.config and deploy new cube

Follow the steps of Configuring Template Project guide with
this exception(s):

You should edit etl.config located in C:\Projects\AxCMS_YourProject\AxDWH_Processor\etl.config
and if you already had cube deployed, run axdwh_processor createdatabase recreate  console command in AxDWH_Processor directory instead of CreateDatabase.bat

After the cube is deployed and populated, you can work with it from Excel as usual.