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Content Editing in 9.0


There are two ways to see a web page:

  • Go to Home (picture 1 and picture 2), select a web site, and then navigate to the needed page to see it.
  • Go to Edit, select Pages, and select a page from the list.

Picture 1                                                                    Picture 2

There is a ribbon in the upper part of the window. It is divided into three parts: Properties, Tools and Publish. (picture 3)

Picture 3



The function allows you to change the navigation tree on the go.

Assign Categories

This function allows you to change the categories tree assigning the page to a number of these.


The function helps to determine on what files the page depends.


The function allows restoring the page to a previous condition.


Edit Page

Here you can set the many properties for a page: request publishing, publish, unpublish, add files, insert the page into a web site, edit its categories, secure it, edit metatags, preview it, change its description, set a validity period and keywords.

Link to Live System

You will be taken to the web site on line so you can see what the web site looks like right now.


A print preview of the web page.



Your web page goes live once you press the button. It requires a respective right for the user.

Request publishing

Once the button is pressed, the web page is submitted for review by authorized users.


You can take the web page off the web site at any time by pressing this button.