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Upgrading to 5.2.7


Configuring WebDAV 5.2.7 offers advanced WebDAV-support for managing documents and categories. If you have not already done it, you can configure WebDAV-support following the instructions. If you already used WebDAV in 5.2.6, no changes are required, if want to use Windows Authentication. If you prefer to use CMS-Authentication, check the WebDAV-documentation.

Classifier.ImFeelingLuckyNavigation(int pageID)

This method was unintentionally removed from 5.2.7. It will be restored back in 5.5.1. Until that you can use this workaround:

Classifier.ImFeelingLuckyNavigation(pageID, new int[]{(int)SubTree.Navigation})

Using Html-Tables is delivered with another TextBox-Component: tinyMCE. It has built-in wizard for inserting tables. To use it, you have to enable tags TABLE, TR and TD in the Html-Rules.

But due to the minor bug in 5.2.7, you will not see the Table-Button in the tinyMCE-toolbar. To insert a table, please right-click in the editor-area and select "Insert a new table" (see the screenshot). This issue is solved in 5.5.0, where you can also use the toolbar.

Allow P-tag and CLASS-attribute for it

The new text editor uses not only SPAN-tag to apply styles, but also P-tag with a CLASS-attribute. Please allow both in the Html-Rules.

Using Flexible Tables

Even if you don't allow the Editors to use Html-Tables, you can add some table-support with 5.2.7 with static custom elements. In the Sample-Project, delivered with 5.2.7 you will find a reference implementation under CustomElements/FlexibleTables. It allows inserting tables and specifying table attributes by Editor during run-time. The elements still render themself as Html-Tables.

AxUserDataAgent.LoadLiveUser and LoadManagementUser eliminated

Please use AxUserDataAgent.LoadUser instead. The behaviour has not changed. The field HomeSystem in the table AxUsers is ignored.

Note: If you don't have NUnit 2.1 installed and you are using Sample version 1.1x, you'll need the file nunitframework.dll for Init_Sample to work correctly. It must be located under Init_Sample folder.

You can download the file here.