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Upgrade to 5.5.1


New Language-Pack

Please download the latest version of the Language Pack. It is necessary even if you do not plan to use other languages as german.

Please also change your web.config. The resource manager "CMS" should get the language "ax" as a default language. Put is also into the list of supported languages. The first language in the list is the assumed target language, if no language if specified by user explicitly. Axinom recommends this ResouceManager configuration:

<ResourceManager name="CMS"> 

AxUser refactoring

If you are developer of a template project you may have to change your code because of a breaking change concerning AxUserDataAgent.
This class has been splitted into two: the new AxUserDataAgent (capable to manage user categories, priviledges and rights) and the AxUserAdapter
responsible for persistence and authentication. The AxUserAdapter uses the Persistance Framework.

New configuration section for WebQueryService

Please add the following custom section registration into configSections of the web.config of your management system:

type="Axinom.AECMS.Gateway.GatewayConfiguration, Axinom.AECMS.Interfaces"

and the section itself:

<WebQueryService type="WebService">
<Timeout>30</Timeout> <!-- seconds -->


Known Issues

If you extend the live AxUser you cannot use fields that doesn't allow nulls. Either declare the field as NULL or declare it as NOT NULL and provide a DEFAULT value. This bug is fixed in 6.0.0.