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Upgrading to ver8.0.0



WebDav implementation was improved in 8.0.0. For more information see WebDAV installation page.

Changes in configuration:

If you want to use webdav from several hosts, use DAVApplicationVirtualPath configuration value instead of DAVApplicationURL.

<add key="DAVApplicationVirtualPath" value="/AxCMSwebDAV" />

For proper work of page shortcuts displayed in WebDAV folders since 8.0.0, include following configuration values from your MS web.config:

    <add key="CMSApplicationHostName" value="http://localhost" />
    <add key="CMSSystemRootDir" value="C:\projects\AxCMS" />
    <add key="CMSApplicationVirtualPath" value="/AxCMSweb" />
    <add key="CmsExtension" value=".AxCMS" />