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Upgrading to ver8.2.0


Import of pages via xml file

Since ver 8.1.2 it has been possible to export pages in a xml format that includes also page content. In ver 8.2.0 it is now possible to reimport pages in that defined format. For more information on page import and export, see here.

Import categories via XML file

Since ver 8.2.0 it is possible to import categories into CMS. In order to do that, please click on „Import categories“ button. Before importing was only implemented in create application from txt files. To convert your txt files to XML format, use following page: http://localhost/AxCMSweb_Sample/installation/CMSSiteTranslation.aspx

For more information on category importing, read here.

Define default properties for page/newsletter/mailtemplates templates

You can now define default properties for templates in CMSSite.xml. Therefore create a xml file in your templates project like defined here and fill the properties you want to be set in default.

   <Property name="Details" value="Caption" subName="Caption" />

In CMSSite.xml add a new node "PropertiesFile" for your template and define path to this xml file. The path should be relative to templates root dir.

<PageTemplate axid="Sample" description="Sample Template">
  <Placeholder axid="main" type="ContentPlaceholder" />


Breaking changes in Create application

Create application was changed to support all new import/export formats, to apply changes incrementally and be able to run on production systems.

If you are working with Sample or PremiumSample project, you will get new create application with next release. Old create applications will still work with 8.2.0.

To upgrade Axinom projects, read intranet page on Create application.