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Upgrading to 8.5.0


Paging and SQL Server 2005 does not support SQL Server 2000 anymore. Starting version 8.5.0 please use SQL Server 2005. This option brings new feature to - Table Paging. You can use AxDbBaseAdapter.LoadAll(int pageIndex, int pageSize, ref int totalCount, string sort, FilterParameters filterParameters) method to execute paged SQL query and return table limited to specific pageSize. You can also use DBSelectQuery.ExecutePagedQuery or DBSelectQuery.GetPagedQuery methods for your custom needs.


TinyMCE and HtmlRules

As we moved to newer version of TinyMCE, then few changes required in existing HTML rules of your site. To allow appear buttons for color text and its background you have to allow also "span" with attribute "style". But in this version there is known bug, that you can't remove "font" tag with attributes "color" and "style" as they will allow appear appropriate buttons in WYSIWIG control panel.

Category select

Usage of CategorySelectPopup.aspx is eliminated and this page is removed from solution. If you did a page call to select category using this page, please update page call link to: admin/categories/CategoryOverview.aspx?SubTree=0&Level=0&NoneAllVisible=0.

Document and Page standard properties refactoring

There was a change in property names. From now on (DateTime)ValidOn is renamed to (DateTime)AdditionalDate and (string)Origin is renamed to (string)AdditionalString. Both properties are now separated with horizontal line in "Extended properties" list. Notice that these two have no functionality in standard features.
NB! Please review Create application XML files (eg. Pages.xml, Documents.xml) and change or remove refactored properties. It is recommended to run global replace in all files changing ValidOn to AdditionalDate and Origin to AdditionalString.
If you have ValidOn or Origin fields displayed in lists on homepage, change your user settings xml also.

Backend assembly refactoring

Assembly called "Axinom.AECMS.Backend" was deleted from solution. All classes were moved to "AxCMS.BL". Please check all your references, remove "Axinom.AECMS.Backend" and add "AxCMS.BL" instead if it's not already referenced. Please also remove all instances of Axinom.AECMS.Backend.dll from your solution files. Also you could have reference to this assembly in ASP.NET pages, to solve this just replace in your custom project string 'assemlbly="Axinom.AECMS.Backend"' with 'assembly="AxCMS.BL"'. Namespace "Axinom.AECMS.Backend" still exists and can be used.

ValidFrom and ValidTill

These two properties are functional from current version of Filling them with dates will take offline or online pages and documents (empty property will not be parsed with handler). If you use these properties for other needs in your custom projects, then please replace them with your own and extend standard classes with them. Notice that if page or document is not active, then PageNotFound will be shown from live site web configuration. Index data will remain in database and this will be developer's responsibility to remove offline pages and documents from search results.

Archived and Offline pages

Page with visibility status "Archive" will not be shown in overview list anymore. However you will be able to include them in search by ticking "Archive" option in "Extended search" details. Notice that in live system they will be handled as normal pages.
Page with visibility status "Offline" will not be shown in live system. PageNotFound will be returned if Offline page requested.

Changes in "PagesFilter" control

In new version we have added a checkbox which allow users to list also "Archived" pages. Please note, that if you extended this control with your custom properties, then most commonly you will receive null reference exception after upgrade on the overviews where you extended filter. To fix that you should include checkbox in your control as well, by adding next code:

<td><asp:Literal runat="server" ID="Literal2">Archived</asp:Literal>:</td>
<td><asp:CheckBox runat="server" ID="_showArchived" /></td>


System Categories Renamed

Root node for categories (old name 'Kategorien') renamed to english 'Categories'.
'Geschützt' category was renamed to 'Protected'.
'Rollen' category was renamed to 'Roles'.

These renames are commented in change scripts - it is optional to rename the categories in your project, because it may involve lots of changes in your hardcoded paths in code and content xml files. However it is strongly recommended to do the rename - run global replace in all files changing 'Kategorien' to 'Categories', 'Geschützt' to 'Protected' and 'Rollen' to 'Roles'.

CmsActivity.DoExecute() returns bool now

To prevent failed activities from being logged, DoExecute return value is changed to bool from void. If you have implemented your custom activities, please change DoExecute method.