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Upgrading to 9.1.0


New Image Formats

Intermediate Release 9.1 is
available exclusively for Solution Providers.

Starting version 9.1.0 image formats are moved from database to CMSSite.xml file. To migrate existing image formats use the tool located at http://<your_site>/installation/AxImageFormatTransformation.aspx. After the tool generates xml nodes from database entries, you should manually place them in CMSSite.xml right after root node - <CmsSite version=...>. After the conversion you can delete AxImageFormat table.

Image format editing is also removed from Management System - they should be defined in CMSSite.xml as follows:

  <ImageFormat axid=”myFormat” formats=”JPG,PNG”>
    <Width minSize=”100” maxSize=”300” />
    <Height size=”100” />

File format can be GIF, JPG, PNG. If two or more file formats are specified, tries to keep the image in original file format. Otherwise it converts the image to first file format specified.
At least one value for “minSize”, “maxSize” has to be specified for width and height. “Size” is a short form of equal values for minSize and maxSize.

This change allows to specify content rules for images. Placeholder definitions can define the image format to use:
<PlaceholderDefinition axid=”main” imageFormat=”myFormat”>…

When an image is inserted into a placeholder with defined format, it will be automatically formatted. This allows site designers to define the needed dimensions for the pictures placed into some part of the site and prevent breaking design with too big or too small pictures.