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Using ForumModule


This guide will cover basic usage of ForumModule which consists of: 

  • Managing subforums/ threads
  • Adding forum controls to needed pages
  • Assigning rights

Managing sub forums/ threads

1. In Management System, open Edit/Categories tab 

2. There you can see the “Forum” category located under “SpecialPermission for LS”.

Please do not move/delete/modify “Forum” or “SpecialPermission for LS” categories for forum to function properly.

3. The categories which are located under “Forum” category are used by Forum Module
to determine sub forums.  The categories under sub forum are threads of that forum. You can create/rename/delete sub forums and their threads to customize forums.

Managing forum user rights.

There are several forum rights that are used to control levels of user access:

Forum Read – if user does not have at least read right in sub forum/thread, he will not be able to see/ read this sub forum/ thread/ message.

Forum Write – with this right user will be able to create new topics/ messages and post replies. User given this right also gets Forum Read right.

Forum Upload – with this right user will be able to upload files in his messages. User given this right gets Forum Write and Forum Read rights inclusively.

Forum Admin – this right grants user all previous rights, as well as ability to delete topics/ messages.

Adding and editing forum control on your pages

1. After you’ve customized the sub forums and their threads, select Edit/Pages tab in Management System and create/edit a page which contains placeholders for Forum control.

2. Click on Content Editor

3. Click on Tools/Add Content
(or Tools/Edit Content if forum control is already present on page and you want to customize it )

4. Click the placeholder for forum and select Forum from the list of elements

5. You will then see the editor of forum control, which allows you to select the following options:

  • Send  notification mail on forum updates

    If you select “Yes”, forum control will send a notification email each time the new topics/ replies are added to the forum this control is displaying. The mail address can be specified by changing ForumEmail key in .config file for Live System

  • Select forum to display with this control

    This dropdown will list all sub forums you defined under Forum category and let you choose which sub forum the control will display.

  • Select user to use as anonymous user

    If you set this option to “No”, control will require all anonymous users to log in to see the forum. Otherwise, you can select “Yes”, click “Please select…” and select user by clicking leftmost checkmark in the members popup.


The rights of anonymous user you selected will be given by users who are not logged in, giving them rights to read or write in certain parts of forum based on his rights.

Anonymous users cannot have administrator rights - if you select a user with administrator rights to represent anonymous users, they will only have read/write/upload rights.