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Creating a Product Catalog

Shows you step-by-step how to implement an online product catalog with

A standard web content management system can be enough if you only need to manage a simple website. However, as soon as your site becomes more complex, it often takes more than just classic content management tools to achieve your goals. For instance, you might need to retrieve information from other sources like databases, implement RSS feeds, use web services, find a way to output structured data, or create interfaces for data export and import.

The advantage of is that while it provides you with the basic functionality, it is also highly customizable. It is not only a CMS, but also a framework, which means that it can be extended for many other features and solutions. The most important features included in the framework, such as categories, relations, the security model and publishing workflow, can all be customized to fit your project’s needs. is often used to build corporate websites. If the company manufactures and/or markets any products, they will naturally want to introduce their product range on their website. One great way to do this is to create an online product catalog – instead of (or in addition to) a downloadable one. Another scenario is when a CMS is used to create a retail website – this is where easy management of product articles becomes especially important.

This tutorial will take you through the steps that are necessary for creating and managing articles on the management system side, which will serve as the basis for creating a product catalog in the live system.


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